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Our Story

The first meeting of what was to become NCS was in September, 1982. A small group of leaders of the Warren County 4H Sheep Club asked Marinell Harrison to teach them to spin. By December the spinning group decided to meet monthly in each other's homes. Their goals were to improve their spinning, to share the craft, and to enjoy each others company.

By September, 1983, the group had 15 members. They chose the name, North Country Spinners. The first NCS constitution was adopted in June, 1987.

Since that time the guild has grown and brought the joy of spinning to many people around our area.

Our Guild is also a member of the MidAtlantic Fiber Association.

Our Mission Statement


"It's purpose shall be to educate and to promote the craft of spinning and related fiber arts

both to its members and to the public."


The guild fulfills this mission through the many workshops and programs it holds

for the members and also for the public.

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